Stories on Medium in May 2020

Hello there! I published several stories on Medium in May. I’m trying to find a way to cross-post them without violating any Medium rules. There should be a way to export them so that the canonical URL stays with Medium, but I’m told that’s not possible.

I would like to focus this blog on writing that I don’t produce on Medium, but for now it’ll be a little of both.

For now, here are some titles and links for you to enjoy.

May 25: “How I Learn to Write by Writing,” published in The Startup

May 20: “Investing in the Writing Process” published in The Startup

May 12: “I Quit Facebook, and You Should Too

May 5: “3 Reasons Why Banning Books is the Wrong Move” (curated in Education and Books)

May 1: “How to Revise and Edit Your Writing Effectively” published in The Writing Cooperative

Ready? Discuss! Please leave comments.


Recent Articles on Medium – January and February 2020

I’ve been writing articles on So pop on over there and take a look. Here is the list of my most recent articles, including one featured on the Better Humans publication. Please share with your friends. I’ll be getting back to my Hawaii series soon. There’s more to come!

For now, enjoy!

How to Master Critical Thinking By Using a Strategy for Critical Reading (Feb. 11)

Grammar Rules Not to Live By (Jan 28)

How to Be an Endless Idea Factory (Jan 26)

How to Let Go of Perfectionism in Writing (Jan 21)

These Are the Comma Rules You Are Looking for (Jan 12)