Stories on Medium in May 2020

Hello there! I published several stories on Medium in May. I’m trying to find a way to cross-post them without violating any Medium rules. There should be a way to export them so that the canonical URL stays with Medium, but I’m told that’s not possible.

I would like to focus this blog on writing that I don’t produce on Medium, but for now it’ll be a little of both.

For now, here are some titles and links for you to enjoy.

May 25: “How I Learn to Write by Writing,” published in The Startup

May 20: “Investing in the Writing Process” published in The Startup

May 12: “I Quit Facebook, and You Should Too

May 5: “3 Reasons Why Banning Books is the Wrong Move” (curated in Education and Books)

May 1: “How to Revise and Edit Your Writing Effectively” published in The Writing Cooperative

Ready? Discuss! Please leave comments.


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