I offer three categories of services: Editing, Writing Coaching, and Writing. But rather than offering generic help, The Writing Prof Editorial Services provides you with specific editing and writing services tailored to your particular needs. It’s your project. Let’s make it the best it can be. Contact me for a free 30-minutes consultation to discuss your project.


  • For editing services, you will need a completed manuscript (a first draft is fine).
  • For most projects, I work in Microsoft Word using Track Changes.
  • The genres I work in are memoir, literary fiction, general nonfiction, and academic writing. I edit both book-length work and shorter documents.
  • I use the Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition for most book-length editing, though I’m familiar with most of the major style guides as well (APA, MLA, AMA, etc.).
  • In general, editing services are billed per project or per hour, depending on the project scope.

Developmental Editing
The most thorough of all editing services provided, developmental editing focuses on the big-picture items of your completed manuscript: plot and character arcs, point of view, and setting and world-building. A developmental edit is designed to identify the the strengths of your manuscript and identify 3 to 5 big-picture issues to address in a revision. You will receive marginal comments on the manuscript itself along with a 4- to 5-page revision letter. Finally, you will receive 2 follow-up calls to discuss the revision letter and next steps.

Manuscript Assessment
Like a developmental edit, a manuscript assessment is a comprehensive review of your completed manuscript but without the detailed page-by-page marginal comments. This is a cost effective option to receive a highly-trained second set of eyes on your manuscript. You will receive a 5-10 page letter that addresses the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses along with an assessment of the manuscript’s suitability for a full developmental edit.

Copy Editing and Proofreading of Documents
I offer copy editing and proofreading for full-length books as well as for documents and shorter projects at reasonable rates. Examples of potential projects are white papers, scientific fact sheets, promotional materials, websites, grant proposals, academic poster presentations and academic articles, statements of purpose for college applications, and resumes and CVs. I am familiar with most style guides (i.e. APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). Contact me to discuss the needs of your particular project.

Writing Coaching

Depending on your individual writing needs, I offer writing coaching tailored specifically for your project. You gain a collaborator to help you think through those thorny composition problems. Available as single 1-hour sessions or multi-session packs, we can tackle a specific problem or develop a coaching sequence to last the life of your project. Writing coaching is available for all manuscript types and lengths.

Ghost & Copy Writing

Ghostwriting, Book Doctoring, and Coauthoring
As a writer myself, I offer writing services to help you complete your project. As a ghostwriter, I can write your book for you, freeing you up to continue your own valuable work. As a book doctor, I can revise your completed manuscript, ensuring that the developmental editing concerns are implemented successfully. Finally, I am available to coauthor with you, a collaborative venture in which we write your book together.

Copy writing
Writing is difficult, time-consuming work. You already have enough to juggle on your plate. Hire me as a copy writer to handle your many routine writing needs: a monthly newsletter, fact sheets, public speaking engagement, a website redesign, grant proposals, and promotional and marketing materials.

Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your project. Whether you need editing, coaching, or someone to write for you, I have the experience to keep your project on track with the quality it deserves. I look forward to meeting you and learning about your project.