Stories on Medium for April 2020

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash.

In addition to this blog, A Word, Please, I also write stories on Medium as @lee_hornbrook.

You can try Medium for free. You will get 5 free stories to check it out. But most of the content is behind the Medium paywall.

For $5.00 a month, you get access to hundreds of thousands of quality journalistic stories in any category you can think of. And you can get paid to write on Medium. You can start you own publication very easily, create a following, and you get paid based on how long readers spend reading your story. You can even get paid if you don’t start a publication. You can also easily submit your stories to other high profile publications. I highly recommend Medium if you are serious about writing and blogging. Best of all, Medium is ad-free, too, which makes for an amazing experience.

For the month of April, I published 13 stories, some in high profile publications and others in my own publication called Valley Dude. I hope you enjoy them.

(Curated in Self) It’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams in Mind Cafe. (April 30)

That Time When My Student Threatened to Kill Me and Firebomb the School in Valley Dude (April 29)

A Review of the Original The Karate Kid in Valley Dude (April 27)

The First Time I Drove Over the Hill to Downtown Los Angeles in Other Doors (April 22)

How The Social Network movie is Still Relevant Today in Valley Dude (April 20)

I Had to Seek Medical and Vet Appointments During the COVID-19 Crisis in Valley Dude (April 17)

My Dad Gave All of My Elementary School Teachers Nicknames in Valley Dude (April 14)

Fight the Pandemic with These Classic Virus Movies in Valley Dude (April 13)

(Curated in Writing) How to Unlock the 5-Paragraph Essay to Improve Your Writing in The Startup (April 10)

The Saying I Hate the Most in The Sound of Music in Valley Dude (April 9)

How to Survive a Pandemic: Win the Pandemic Board Game (April 3)

(Curated in Film) If You Liked “Oldboy,” Watch “The Handmaiden” (April 2)

(Curated in Film) If You Enjoyed “Parasite,” You Should Watch “Snowpiercer” (April 1)

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