Discover Prompts: Day 19 – Three

This is April 23, Shakespeare’s birth and death day. I’m playing catch-up with Discover Prompts in April. For Day 19, the word is Three.

I’m excited about the word “three.” Recently, the girlfriend and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. But for our third anniversary, I wrote her a poem Only a few days before, we brought home a 10-week old Dachshund that we named Herman. We two had become three!

Here’s the poem:

We Are Three!

We are three,
I and you
That’s you and me
Now three.
Not one, not two,
But three!
And with Hen-er-ry,
(That’s Herman,
Which doesn’t rhyme),
Oh, but he climbs
And whines and cries
And is divine
And makes us three
Like Peter, Paul, and Mar-y,
Or the trinity,
Or infinity.
That’s prime,
So divine,
Is three.

Now we are three,
In time,
In years.
Not more,
Certainly not four.
But there will be more
When we can be four,
But for now let us be,
You and me,
What we are,
Which is three.

Three cheers!
Hip hip hooray!

For now we are three
You and me.

And I love thee.

For now
And all eternity.

Happy Anniversary!

Love me, Lee
or Vinnie!

(P.S. Hey! That’s me!
And with you
We are three!)

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